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1000 Voices For Compassion by Artist Christine Southworth

rainbowvoicesFebruary the 20th is here, the day that 1000 bloggers, film makers and artists from around the world will come together to speak for compassion. I am proud to be apart of this. To read other posts of compassion, search for the #1000speak hashtag on Twitter or check out the:

1000 Voices Speak for Compassion Facebook page

 Compassion Expressed Through Art

By Christine Southworth @bearprintstudio

These artworks are part of a series about the plight of children around the world. Every picture tells a story; often a sad one. Put your own words of compassion to the pictures below.

Other sketches and etchings from this series can be seen here.



9 thoughts on “1000 Voices For Compassion by Artist Christine Southworth

  1. AvatarChristine

    Thank you for including me in this splendid idea,most of my work is on compassion for those innocent children caught up in the horrors of war,

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