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Crow Tribe by Neil Giles

Another fabulous poem from the talented Neil Giles. Neil also has articles ‘Astrology: The Sacred Art‘ and ‘The Runes – Wisdom of the Past‘ published on The Oak Wheel.

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In the beginning there was only the dark,

an endless night of screaming wind

in the frozen abyss.

And only Crow Tribe knew the dark.

In the beginning …

there had been many beginnings

but Crow did not remember them.

For Crow there was no before

no after

only now.

For Crow, only now.

In the beginning …



Crow Tribe is the oldest tribe –


Out of the endless night

came Crow, eyes piercing the gloom.

Out of the abyss came Crow,

bald of her feathers, not remembering.

Out of the ice and fury of the wind

came Crow, relentless survivor.

Then, Mother Sun, rising in the east

melted the vault of cloud

and light returned to the world.

The long dark night was ended

though the storms still raged.

Crow came into the light.

A shadow was cast.



Crow looked into the shadow.

It was hers. She studied it,

meditated upon it

and sang Crowsongs.

With her cold sharp

beak, Crow seized her own shadow

and shaped a cloak against the storm.

Then, Crow looked into her shadow

a second time. She seized it again

and shaped a bridge across the abyss.

A third time Crow looked into her shadow.

She saw a dark figure,

the face of the Goddess, the curve

of the breast that had suckled her.

Then … Crow remembered.

Crow seized her own shadow one last time

and shaped a great hammer.

Crow, maker and user of tools.

She wrapped the cloak about her,

the cloak of magic. With her cold, sharp beak

she shattered the bridge on which

she walked, the bridge of illusion.

Then, with a powerful blow

from the hammer of nightfall,

she opened a gateway in the sky

and walked through.



Crow Tribe is the oldest tribe.

Crow lives beyond the rim of the world.


15 thoughts on “Crow Tribe by Neil Giles

    1. Sylva FaeSylva Fae Post author

      Praise indeed from the amazing Lesley Hayes! I am blessed to have so many wonderful and talented people as guests on my blog.

  1. AvatarEve Enchanted

    Neil, you’ve captured the essence of a magical creature and brought her to life in your spellbinding poem ‘Crow Tribe’. It spoke to my heart. It is a beautiful creation.

    1. AvatarNeil G

      Thank you for that. Glad that it moves you so deeply. Thank you too for all the stars and RTs you gave on Twitter to publicise this poem. Sylva & I really appreciate that.

  2. AvatarMelody

    Wow! That actually brought tears to my eyes. Truely beautiful Mr Neil Giles. You are a very talented and deep man. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to share it with me also. Thank you.

    1. AvatarNeil G

      Thanks so much for that. I’m glad you felt it so deeply. I love Crow magic and a big part of my heart goes with that poem. Blessed be.

    1. AvatarNeil G

      Thank you for your comments. Really appreciate them. So glad you enjoyed reading the poem. The magic of Crow touches many hearts and minds.

  3. AvatarAnni Stewart

    A very beautiful and breathtaking poem. Also meaningful and thought provoking as I was once a Crow and have two sons and two granddaughters who carry the name. Thank you for allowing me to read it.

    1. Sylva FaeSylva Fae Post author

      I agree Anni. I have other poems by Neil on an earlier guest post – I love his ‘Trees’ poem.

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