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A Starfish Story – #1000Speak

10896909_769037059847991_9046073502729418728_nWe’re just into February, the month when 1000 Voices For Compassion will band together to share messages of hope, love and compassion. The simple aim being that on February the 20th, 1000 bloggers will post an article and share it through the 1000 Voices Facebook site and other social media. I came into it around halfway through and watched as the members grew.

“Would we reach a thousand participants by the 20th?”

Numbers grew slowly at first but then word spread. People didn’t wait till February 20th to share posts of compassion. Stories of happiness, heart melting and heart wrenching stories appeared on blogs with the #1000Speak logo. Before the end of January the 1000 voices target was reached but it didn’t stop there. Other Facebook users wanted to get involved, people without blogs, the children of those already involved, all had a tale to tell and a message to share. A website was set up to include all those who wanted to participate.

I have my post ready to go out on February 20th but wanted to share a little story…

A Little Starfish Story

Over the Christmas holidays we went to stay with my sister-in-law. She’s a fabulous aunty to our three girls; she takes time to play with them, do fun activities and is not afraid to let them get messy. In the case of our three that is very messy; think glitter explosions, painting activities that escape onto the floor and baking that results in a whole kitchen covered in flour and pink icing! Nothing fazes her, she lets them explore their creativity and always has the washing machine on standby for muddy clothes.

One sunny but very chilly day we went for a walk on the beach. This was amazing for the girls as we live so far from the sea. They ran wild, dug in the sand, collected shells and splashed in puddles. But it didn’t stop there! Despite being the middle of winter, they wanted to go in the sea. We have a theory that there’s no such thing as the wrong weather, only wrong clothing, so off they ran to splash in the sea. It was inevitable that my middle rascal would be the first to go too far and she ended up with wellies full of seawater.

20141228_140621Already wet she decided to get even wetter and lay down in the cold surf to splash about. It wasn’t long before the other two joined her. Needless to say we were the only ones in the sea on such a cold day and their squeals of delight drew a lot of funny looks from the sensible people.

Eventually we wandered back up the long beach to meet my husband who’d gone to get warm blankets from the car. Right at the top of the beach, far from the sea, we found a strange looking ‘starfish’ (I later discovered it was a brittle star.)

20141228_142231Eager fingers grabbed it for a closer look and it wriggled. The girls were concerned that it would die being so far from the water, so cold and wet, they ran the full length of the beach to return it to the sea.

It was a lovely day out and it brought to mind a story by Loren Eiseley called ‘The Star Thrower.’ The following is an excerpt of the story and carries a beautiful message:

#1000speak The Starfish Story

Do you want to get involved?

1000Voices_zps11edff99If you have a child who would like to join their voice to #1000Speak, or you don’t have a blog and would like to participate, you can submit your story to Make sure you check back to see your story published in February!

It is important that all submissions to the site be suitable for all ages to view, as we anticipate that the next generation will want to see their own work and that of others – it is important that the space remain safe for them to do so freely.



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