Sylva Fae

Spring is…

…thinking about starting.

She can’t quite decide if she’s ready yet and winter is still hanging on.

We’re stuck in the mid season zone.

2015-03-08 00.54.23

At the weekend we awoke to the sun casting rainbows through the window. Throwing the curtains wide revealed a garden bathed in golden light, birds singing for their breakfast and spring flowers blooming. The girls rushed out before breakfast, nearly clothed in an eclectic mix of pyjamas and a random selection of shoes to play in the sunshine. Later, and more respectably dressed, they charged through the park, happy no longer to be constrained by coats and hats.


Such a joyous feeling to celebrate the first sunshine of spring out in the fresh air. The sound of children’s laughter rang out all around as my three ran, climbed and tumbled, gathering new friends along the way. We watched as they ran squealing, dragging a kite, in an attempt to make it fly across a wind free sky. Undeterred, they persevered, squealing with glee as it rose just a metre off the ground before crashing back down.


A carpet of crocuses added a colourful frame to the busy playground and new leaves and buds adorned the surrounding trees. As I stood watching, the sun casting tree branch shadows around my feet, I yearned to be back in my woods.

2015-03-08 00.48.34

The sun so bright it sets off the wildlife camera in our little woodland camp, sending back photos to home. A reminder that as we get on with our busy lives here, life is renewing there too. I long to have a dry day to potter and breathe in the woodland air; the scent of damp earth and new leaves. Then wander down to Bluebell Bank to see our own carpet of sapphire flowers and delight in the heady scent as the girls pick a posy for the fairy queen of the woods. We would revisit our magic clover patch on the edge of the Secret Field and pick four leaf clovers to make wishes for the year ahead. The spring sun brought with it the anticipation of new adventures.


20150313_110502But Spring was undecided. She retreated taking the sun with her, sending out winter showers of sleet and freezing rain. The garden playground of a few days ago has returned to mud and the snowdrops droop under a heavy coat of raindrops. The ground is wet, the skies stormy grey and the wind is bitter but the pull to the woods is strong. I guess we’ll save our carefree dancing through the bluebells for another day, pull on some wellies and go splash in the mud.



4 thoughts on “Spring is…

  1. Anni Stewart

    Such beautiful pictures and words Sylva Fae,

    Today I watched a beautiful bumble-bee busying itself inside a large crocus head.

    1. Sylva FaeSylva Fae Post author

      Thanks Anni. I love bumble-bees but I’ve not seen any yet this year. Our woodland hedgerows will be buzzing with them soon. Happy days!


    First signs of spring here, too, Sylva. Everything is a buzzing and a chirping and the sun is getting warmer. I actually saw the first butterfly last week. That’s pretty early. Love your pictures and your writing.

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