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Review of ‘Arise’ by Eric Lahti

41S42to64rL._UY250_ (1)Wow! Where do I start? Having read Henchmen, the first book of the saga, I was prepared to leave reality at the door and strap in for a wild ride. But Arise makes Henchmen seem quite calm and realistic by comparison.

It was nice to catch up with the characters, although Arise is written in such a way that you don’t have to read Henchmen first; I do recommend you get both though. The story is told through the witty thoughts and actions of Steven, a good / bad-guy, his gang of misfits and a demigoddess! I’m not normally into violence and killing but the humour that shines through the mayhem makes it seem perfectly reasonable. The real bad guys take you into bizarre realms of fantasy and Arise is written in such a way that the unbelievable becomes totally believable.

Gods, aliens, supervillains and secret government projects, weapons, bikes and explosions – Arise has it all. This is a book that should have its own comic book series and deserves to have a 3D high-action movie made about it. It’s insanely entertaining and I can’t wait for book three of the Henchmen saga. No pressure Eric Lahti!


You can buy ‘Arise‘ on Kindle at Amazon.

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2 thoughts on “Review of ‘Arise’ by Eric Lahti

  1. AvatarLesley Hayes

    Great review Sylva! ‘Arise’ in on my list to read after I’ve got my breath back from ‘Henchmen’ – you’ve just confirmed brilliantly why I want to find out what happens next! 🙂

  2. AvatarAnni Stewart

    Sylva, your tantalizing review of Arise by Eric Lahti, makes it a ‘ must read’ on one of those days when the sun isn’t shining, the clouds threaten to burst and the creative side of my brain has shut down. A book to curl up with on the settee. Adore the combination of violence and humour in a book.

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