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Review of books by Mark Watson & Pablo Michau

Shark in the Park

51XCkRJ5SeL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_Fabulous illustrations accompany this delightfully scary children’s story. A little boy with big daydreams or a terrifying journey to school being chased by a giant shark? Either way, my children squeal in mock terror as the shark pursues us through the pages. There is just the right amount of scariness to keep young children hooked until the funny ending. Despite knowing the ending, my children have asked for this story over and over again, delighting in the suspense.

It’s a great story for adults to read out loud and I strongly recommend this book for young children. It’s easy to see why it won awards.

Milo & Ze
91t56LrJTJLMilo and Ze has become a frequent favourite for bedtime stories. It’s a simple story of big adventures, as we follow Milo the lonely dog, on a magical journey to find a friend. This is a happy story with a heartwarming ending. The fun rhymes are enhanced by the colourful illustrations that allow non readers to follow along with the story.

I enjoyed reading this story too. It’s a nice length, longer than most stories for this age group, so my children are quite satisfied to settle off to sleep after they’ve had Milo & Ze as their bedtime story.


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    1. Sylva FaeSylva Fae Post author

      Hello you! Thank you for the lovely books. Milo is my favourite. I’ve played the YouTube version of Shark in the Park to my children as well – they love it!

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      I can’t get your link in the message to work but the one in my post does if anyone wants to follow your blog. I’m following you now.

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