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Review of Books by Rhonda Patton


The Croak 500

r61oI61niHEL._UX160_I read this to my three girls but my 4 year old enjoyed it most. She liked the colourful pictures and was engrossed throughout. The story has a good moral to it, as it shows the friends working hard to fix the car up for the race. It would have been easy to let them win but I think it made for a better ending having only come second. It’s hard for children to learn that they can’t always win everything. The story teaches that you have to work hard to achieve your goal and that’s more important coming first.

Dylan & The Croak Orleans Gang

r51IZJCOqrIL._UX160_You know it’s a good book when your little ones ask for ‘the frog band book’ at story time. The book obviously made an impact on my two. They enjoyed guessing which animal Dylan the frog would pick up next on his journey and they loved learning about the instruments each animal played. The page at the end with the pictures of the instruments was a nice touch, we used it to recap the story, remembering who had played what.

There is a nice message that runs through the book about being caring and helping each other out. It also teaches children to follow their dreams. My girls gave this five stars and two thumbs up.



You can buy ‘The Croak 500‘ and ‘Dylan & The Croak Orleans Gang‘ on Amazon.

Find out more about Rhonda Patton at her Amazon Author Page.


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