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Review of Tilly & the Tooth Fairy by Brian G Chambers

Tilly+title+cover+square+finalWe loved this magical book!

Tilly & the Tooth Fairy deserves two reviews, one for the story and one for the beautiful illustrations by Söndra Rymer. The whole book has an old fashioned fairytale feel to it and it’s a pleasure to turn the pages. When Tilly’s tooth falls out, she settles off to sleep wishing for a visit from the tooth fairy.  My children were enchanted with Tilly’s story and they loved the magical ending. It is a delightful take on the tooth fairy tale and one that all young children can believe in.

The illustrations fitted the story perfectly adding their own magic. My children were fascinated with them and questioned how they were created. My eldest decided that the artist must have used magic and fairy dust to make them so special. Each picture tells a little part of the tale and my youngest non-reader was able to retell the story just from the pictures alone. Each one is a work of art. We all have our own favourite, but personally, I love the cheeky tooth fairy best.

This book has brought smiles, giggles and some magical fairy sparkle into our bedtime reading. I anticipate it will continue bringing joy for a long time to come.


Screenshot_2015-05-13-15-29-59-1You can buy Tilly and the Tooth Fairy from Jet Black Publishing and follow Tilly’s story on Facebook.

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imagesView more of Söndra Rymer’s beautiful illustrations on her website Fairy Tales Imagery and follow Söndra Rymer on Facebook and Twitter.


4 thoughts on “Review of Tilly & the Tooth Fairy by Brian G Chambers

  1. AvatarSadie Anderson

    I couldn’t agree more! I downloaded this for my daughter and it is now her favourite bedtime story. The pictures really enhance the enjoyment of the story too 🙂

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