Sylva Fae

Little Fae Dreams

Scarlett Olivia, age 6


I could do anything I wanted to. I would be the mermaid queen. I would swim down deep to talk to the seahorses. Then I’d turn into a whale and swim up to land. I’d become a grown up and walk down the street to a wood.

I’d go digging for treasure, dig a big hole then jump in deep. I would transform into a tree and grow up to the sky then into a bush, a blackberry bush. The children would come to pick the blackberries and it would tickle as they plucked them off.

Then back to the sea to be the mermaid queen again, I would swim back to my coral cave and live happily ever after.

Sienna May, age 4


I run through the secret field and play hide and seek in the long grass. I peep over the top; I am the best hider.

I jump in the muddy puddles and splash in my wellies.

When I am big I will live in a treehouse with lots and lots of books. I will be a teacher and read stories and teach colouring-in to all the little children. I will give lots of cuddles so nobody is ever sad.

Sylva Rose, age 3


I want flowers in my garden, pretty flowers for the bees and butterflies.

I want lots of cuddles and kisses from my Daddy.

I want to build the tallest tower of Lego.

I want to bounce high up on the trampoline and play with my friends forever.

Original artwork by Christine Southworth @bearprintstudio


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