Sylva Fae

The Watcher


I am the dreamer in the woods…
You hear my name whispered on the wind through the leaves. I am there in the silence of solitude as you dreamily stare at the flickering flames. I am the cool shower that washes away your stresses and the warm sun that brings hope and happiness. I am the cloud drifting lazily across the cobalt sky slowly dissipating to nothingness.

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I am the whisperer in the woods…
I am the pounding heartbeat of every wild creature; the buzzing, the whirring of wings. I am the bird cry high above; the scurry of feet through the undergrowth. I am the silence and peace through the noise that calms your soul.

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I am the watcher in the woods…
You do not see me but you feel me near. My feet root deep in the cool, moist earth as I sway with the trees, just watching. I see the cycles of season and life as it returns to the soil once more. I see through your eyes the beauty and decay of my wilderness life.


I am the lurker in the woods…
The velvet darkness envelops me in her warm cloak as I reach out to you. I am that cracking twig behind you, the footprints leading off the path into the unknown. I am the dark shadow looming, teasing out your deepest fears.

I am all these things. Come play with me, dance with me, sing with me, love me, fear me and I will feed your emotions. Come with respect and leave with peace in your heart.


Original artwork by Christine Southworth @bearprintstudio


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