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An Art Exhibition with a Difference

Who is CC Mingaroni?

Recently it came to my attention that a mysterious local artist had finally agreed to exhibit some work, the deal being that they remain anonymous. I was intrigued.

I was lucky enough to meet with CC Mingaroni at a secret location where I had a sneak preview of some of the paintings. Doing an interview where I’m sworn to secrecy and forbidden from writing anything which may give CC’s identity away, was quite tricky. All I’ll say is, it was certainly an entertaining experience, and I had cheesecake for pudding.


CC Mingaroni – an artist with a secret.

CC is a complex mixture of conflict and harmony; harmonious in work ethic, yet conflicting in style and approach. CC is an enigma, a bizarre blend of contrasts and a contrary merge of contradictions. The art defines CC and its creation is as important as the finished piece. Inspired by life’s quirks and complexities, CC is committed to enhancing life through art.

CC is classically trained in fine art, printing and graphic design, with extensive experience in oils, watercolour, acrylics, pen and ink and pencil. Nothing strange there, but what sets CC apart from others is the strange method in which a piece of art is created. Order and chaos battle on the canvas; straight lines replace free-flowing scribbles, only to be painted over with rough brush strokes. With each sitting, different personalities take over vying for dominance. Splashes of colour appear overnight and objects emerge and disappear as if by magic. The duel of brushes clash to define and structure the finished image. Finally the styles converge and harmony is achieved.

CC is of Italian ancestry but has lived mostly in Northern England. With two homes and a studio in Canada, CC often loses track of where home is especially when the muse takes hold. When not painting, CC teaches life drawing and gives talks on art. CC not only lives for art but strives to nurture artistic talent in others and promote a love of the subject.

At CC’s wishes I’ll let the art speak for itself.




Award winning and prolific artists Christine Southworth and Carl Jacobs will also be exhibiting paintings alongside CC Mingaroni.


Christine Southworth

20150603_183816Christine Southworth, my talented mum, has featured in guest posts on my blog previously showcasing her etchings. Mum will be exhibiting her paintings in the upcoming exhibition. I can’t wait to see her new work.

Guest post by Christine Southworth
Compassion post by Christine Southworth
Connect with Christine on Twitter @bearprintstudio

IMG_20141212_185017After a rewarding and successful teaching career I took early retirement to fulfil my ambition to become a professional artist working from my own studio in the North of England and in a studio I have in Canada.

Several years ago I joined NEO Artist Print Studio; I work there most days producing etchings based on my research and travels. I like to work from life, developing unique interpretations of human and natural forms. My main passion is for drawing, drawing helps me understand the world I live in and is a natural progression to etching. My favourite material to etch on is copper but I do use zinc and solar plates are ideal for any collage based designs.

During my career I have been in many exhibitions: Society of Women Artists, Mall Galleries, The Royal Birmingham, Manchester Academy and many others. My most notable commission was for Diana, Princess of Wales. I have recently been awarded full membership of the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts, and Society of Women Artists. I received the Barbara Tate Award in the 153rd SWA Annual Exhibition.

Portrait of Jennifer Anne Marie


Carl Jacobs

24buryartshowsI love the artwork of Carl Jacobs, it is such a contrast in style to my mum’s work yet shares the same beautiful palette of colours. Carl is described as ‘our top local artist’ by the Bury Times.

Carl Jacobs’ artwork is featured on various websites including Bury Art Society, Mutual Art and MASA-UK.

3542595As a child I always loved drawing and painting.  At school, art was always my favourite subject and passing GCE first grade in Art, I went on to do a two year Graphics Course at Ashton-Under-Lyne College of Art, obtaining a North West Regional Diploma in Graphic Art and Design.

I have spent my whole working career in art for the advertising and publicity business producing designs and finished artwork for everything from newspaper and magazine ads to brochures, logo design and point of sale display material, working in studios in and around the Manchester area, enjoying my job tremendously.

Eventually going freelance and successfully running my own design and advertising studio for twelve years.  Approximately ten years ago I decided to take early retirement so that I was able to devote a lot more time to painting.  I am now programme secretary of Bury Art Society which has given me a great deal of worthwhile involvement, satisfaction and inspiration. I love to experiment with different techniques and ideas and include these in my paintings.

Much of my work now is done using acrylic paints which I find really versatile.  They can be used as a thin wash, much the same as watercolours, or thickly in a similar way to oils and the other bonus is a fast drying time which enables me to work spontaneously, without waiting too long for the paint to dry.

I would say that when I begin a piece of work, my aim is not one of total realism, but more of an individual, slightly abstracted feel, which I achieve by fragmenting the image into shapes that echo certain elements in the image and then the painting, in a way takes over and dictates to me how it wants to progress.  I find this way of working really exciting and enjoyable.  My background of graphic art has a tendency, I think, to show through in the style my work. For the last few years I have been exhibiting in several galleries in the Manchester area and also down in Padstow, Cornwall where my paintings have been receiving a substantial amount of interest. Cornish harbour scenes are indeed one of my favourite subjects.  I love to paint the quayside cottages and fishing boats, which feature in much of my work.


Jennifer Anne Marie

14962889_537521969780477_1174133904_nThe stunning Jennifer Anne Marie, actress, presenter, model and reality TV star will be opening the CC Mingaroni exhibition and introducing artists Christine Southworth and Carl Jacobs. It is rumoured that CC Mingaroni will show up to the opening, in disguise, who knows?

Jennifer will be adding her own special glitz and bringing a glittering of showbiz glamour to the event. Jennifer is known for her appearances in:
Who’s Doing The Dishes, with Brian McFadden;
Hello Campers, set in Marbella;
Get Your Act Together, with Stephen Mulhern;
As an extra in shows like Coronation Street, Last Tango in Halifax and Citizen Khan.

I’ve enjoyed interviewing the bubbly star and finding out about her amazing lifestyle. Jennifer’s enthusiasm is infectious and she clearly loves being in the limelight, but one of the highlights of her career so far was being invited to London Fashion Week. Jennifer joined the House of iKons as a presenter during their tribute to Prince, which raised money for The Prince’s Trust.

I’m now looking forward to meeting the gorgeous Jennifer Anne Marie in person at the opening of the CC Mingaroni exhibition. So come and join us for an amazing exhibition, meet artists Christine Southworth and Carl Jacobs, be dazzled by Jennifer and her showbiz friends, and maybe spot the mysterious Mingaroni hiding in the crowd. The opening event runs from 11am until 5pm on Thursday the 10th of November, at the MASA-UK Art Gallery in Bury, UK. If you can’t make it to the opening, the exhibition runs until the end of December 2016.

P.S. CC Mingaroni prefers his spellings to be mystirious! (sic)



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