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Guest Post by Artist Christine Southworth


I’m proud to introduce my talented mum Christine Southworth as my next guest blogger. Mum is the artist responsible for all the watercolour illustrations on my blog posts. I love the watercolour paintings I grew up with but she is also accomplished in oils, life drawing and most recently, etchings.

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Christine Southworth Biography

Training: Bolton College of Art – Art & Design, Craft, Textiles, Lithography & Etching
Career: Head of Art at a prestigious boys’ school. Now retired.
Location: Lancashire, England

"Sad Little Girl" - Watercolour

“Sad Little Girl” – Watercolour

Story: After a rewarding and successful teaching career I took early retirement to fulfil my ambition to become a professional artist working from my own studio in the North of England and in a studio I have hidden away in a Canadian forest. ♦ Several years ago I joined NEO Artist Print Studio; I work there most days producing etchings based on my research and travels. I like to work from life, developing unique interpretations of human and natural forms. ♦ My main passion is for drawing, drawing helps me understand the world I live in and is a natural progression to etching. ♦ My favourite material to etch on is copper but I do use zinc and solar plates are ideal for any collage based designs. ♦ During my career I have been in many exhibitions: Society of Women Artists, Mall Galleries, The Royal Birmingham, Manchester Academy and many others. My most notable commission was for Diana, Princess of Wales. ♦ This year I was awarded full membership of the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts and Associate member of the Society of Women Artists. At the last SWA exhibition I was honoured to be awarded the Barbara Tate Award for best body of work, by HRH the Princess Michael of Kent. ♦ The theme for this collection of etchings is to show the plight of children who are caught up in war zones all over the world and to illustrate a need to protect the innocents.

The Etchings of Christine Southworth


Fallen Angel -  Drawing / collage for zinc plate etching

“Fallen Angel” – Drawing / collage for zinc plate etching


“Flight” – Pen and ink drawing

"Flight" - Etching

“Flight” – Etching

"Future" - Etching

“Future” – Etching

"Fall" - Etching

“Fall” – Etching

"Abandoned" - Etching

“Abandoned” – Etching

"Nomads" - Etching

“Nomads” – Etching


“The Vigil” – Etching


“Street Worker” – Pen & ink / collage for copper plate etching

"Sad Little Boy" - Pen & ink drawing to convert to copperplate etching

“Sad Little Boy” – Pen & ink drawing to convert to copperplate etching


“Girl Buying Rats” – Etching. 2014 SWA Exhibition


“Boys With Six Fingers and Toes” – Zinc plate etching. Winner of the Barbara Tate award at the 2014 SWA Exhibition

"Child Worker" - Copper plate etching

“Child Worker” – Copper plate etching

"Fear" - Etching

“Fear” – Etching

And finally, one of my favourites, “Shamen”

"Shamen" - Zinc plate etching

“Shamen” – Zinc plate etching


26 thoughts on “Guest Post by Artist Christine Southworth

  1. AvatarDenis Whiteside

    Cristine is one of my colleagues at Neo:artists and one of the most prolific print makers at the studios.
    She has an experimental approach to her print making which is evident in some of the prints above.
    An excellent artist and a lovely person to work with.

    1. Sylva FaeSylva Fae Post author

      Thank you Denis and thank you for following my blog. I know mum loves working with Neo Artists and is loving experimenting.

  2. AvatarLesley

    Beautiful, heartfelt etchings and drawings – such a touching theme, and you don’t flinch from showing the truth, Christine. Your images manage to capture the feeling as well as the message in your theme. Your talent merits a wide audience. Thank you for sharing these.

    1. Sylva FaeSylva Fae Post author

      I agree Lesley! I’ll let you know if mum has an exhibition down your end of the country. Thanks for your lovely comments.

  3. AvatarNeil G

    Poignant and moving work. I love it. Such great beauty and sadness in the human condition, depicted simply and yet with consummate skill. Thank both mother and daughter for this wonderful post.

    1. Sylva FaeSylva Fae Post author

      And thank you Neil for your comments and constant support. Print making is just one of her many skills – more posts to come.

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  5. AvatarTom Benson

    Fantastic work on all of the pieces shown here Christine. I’ve dabbled in watercolour but my personal favourite media would be pencil or acrylic.
    I particularly like the etchings of the children, because I think the subject matter and the medium are so well suited, plus of course they can only come together with a talented hand.

    1. Sylva FaeSylva Fae Post author

      Thanks for your kind words Tom. My favourite media is watercolour but I’m growing to love etchings.

  6. AvatarLisa Shambrook

    Gorgeous artwork…a real pleasure to discover.

    I’ve never managed to make watercolours work for me, my hand is too heavy, and acrylics fit my style more. I wish I could paint watercolour like ‘Sad Little Girl’…

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    1. Sylva FaeSylva Fae Post author

      I totally agree, but then I’m a little biased. Thank you for your comment Lynton. You can follow Christine Southworth oon Twitter @bearprintstudio

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