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Guest Post by Michelle Grewe

Welcoming Michelle Grewe, blogger at Crumpets and Bollocks, host of the Blog Bomb Awards, slightly mad mum of three and the founder of The Write Mums. The Write Mums is a project designed to highlight some of the best mum / mom bloggers. It has started small with a website and monthly newsletter but the vision is to create a monthly newspaper of blog content and maybe take over the world.

FeaturedI’m pleased to be a part of this fun venture, so far my blog posts have been featured in Mothers Have a Dream and What Are You Doing For Others? Both posts were in honour of Martin Luther King Day.

What Are You Doing For Others?

By Michelle Grewe ♦ Reblogged from The Write Moms


Martin Luther King asked, “What are you doing for others?” and various mom bloggers of the community have answered. This is not a place to brag, but a place to gather ideas on the various ways you can help your community… Remember, racism is a cultural thing, and everything you emit into your culture helps shape the nurture and environment our children know as life. Are we nurturing kids to be racist by nurturing their hatred for others? Or are we nurturing them to be accepting of diversity when we nurture their love for each other?

“I give blood. In Judaism it’s the highest level of mitzvah (good deeds) because you’re giving life to someone without knowing whom and without any possibility of thanks or recognition. It is the ultimate anonymous gift. ” Aliza writes about Life, Liberty and Happiness at The Worthington Post

Oscar-mayer-weinermobile-263x300We get what we give, and we reap what we sow, but giving is much more important than that. If the community around us were a communal garden, you get what seeds you plant, but also what seeds others have planted. Others are also stuck with whatever you plant. At times, you can go through and weed out some nasty looking harmful plants, but for the most part, once it’s planted, it’s hard to unplant. That is the point. You get what you give, and everyone else gets what you give.

“I write and I try to raise children conscious of the problems in the world around them, and committed to making a difference.” Elizabeth writes about attachment parenting, babywearing, and social justice at Manic Pixie Dream Mama.


There are all types of seeds one can plant in the metaphorical community garden. Yes we can sow weeds and things with thorns that seem to grow rampantly without nurture or care, and those are the things we notice the most in these gardens. Those are things like cutting off people when driving and then slowing down. Making fun of a girl because of her weight. Judging others, especially unfairly. Hate. Anger. Greed. Jealousy. Selfishness. Self righteousness. Sadness. Things we don’t normally mean to give. Things we don’t want to receive on a conscious level.

“The gift I give others is in lifting them up through healing and laughter.” You can find Jill at The Jillist, a lighthearted lifestyle and wellness blog that helps moms lose their shit and get it together at the same time.

But you can also plant pretty flowers everyone enjoys. They are things like letting the other guy through so he doesn’t have to cut you off when driving. Congratulating a girl because of not her appearance, but her achievements. Accepting others for who they are and tolerating their differences. Love. Peace. Patience. Charity. Putting others before yourself. Righteousness. Positivity.


“As a preschool teacher, I insist my students find ways in which people and objects are alike before discussing differences. Kindness is a requirement and helpfulness a must. Kids get it, why don’t adults?” Linda is a multi-genre award winning writer blogging at Write from the Heart.

You don’t have to be the perky cheerleader who obviously took too many happy pills to spread positivity. Even Grumpy Bear was capable of spreading love when there was hate, but Grumpy Bear had a lot of support for such things. He had coaches surrounding him with positivity…

“As an educator and a bullying prevention trainer, I am challenging young girls to end the mean girl phenomenon and instead be champions with and for each other. I am coaching a softball team and focusing on mentoring and teamwork while they learn to play this game (of life) together.” Hop over to Mommy Verbs and read more about Team. Be Champions With and For Each Other.


And not everything has to be from the pocketbooks of charity or from the heart of kindness. You can also share almost anything, like the earth in this story here…

“I like to live by the ‘pay it forward ‘ principle. We have a little woodland which we love to share with friends. I provide woodland adventures, a safe and exciting place for our children to explore and learn new skills and of course have good healthy fun.” Read more about Sylva Fae’s Pay It Forward, Woodland Style.

What are things I do for others? Well that’s a loaded question with me because I’m addicted to putting other people ahead of me, and in the last 3 years, I’ve been trying to work on being a little more charitable to myself.


But if you are looking for creative, everyday ways to give back to the community, check out Small Gestures of Kindness.

What are you doing for others?


What can you do to join The Write Moms?


1. Join the Facebook group. I want this to be a community more than a business. I want everyone involved to have a place to voice their ideas and opinions. This wagon is not a bandwagon, but a Crowdwagon. We’re not following a band. We are the band: banning together. The only way an idea like this is going to work is if everyone works together.

2. Submit work. I don’t care if it’s published previously or not. Because SEO hates to see the same words typed more than once on a different site, we will hit the bandwagon of creating some new content to share old work. So if you wish to submit previously published material, attempt to write an introduction to it, quoting a little of it. The other option is to take an old blog post, and rewrite it better. It’s a good exercise in editing your own work. Of course, you can write something completely new.

3. Promote the subscription. Share the website, the posts, and give us all the social media love you have to offer, but also ask around if anyone is interested in subscribing. They might be too busy to fill out our form, but they might be able to find time to send you their name, email and address for you to sign them up for them. They will be more apt to give you that if you ask them directly.


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