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‘The Clouds Aren’t White’ by Rachael Wright


51jZt0qBH9L._UX250_Introducing Rachael Wright’s debut novel The Clouds Aren’t White.

Rachael is a Colorado native who lives near Denver with her husband and daughter. She is a devoted tea drinker, Manchester United fan and has very full bookshelves.

Visit Rachael’s website and find out more about the writing of ‘The Clouds Aren’t White’ on her blog.

Her book is available from Amazon on Kindle or paperback. It is due out on February 1st.





Emmeline MacArthur is in the eye of the storm, a period of calm in the unstable life of political intrigue. As soon as the future looks clear, three shots from an old revolver shatter her precarious peace. In minutes Emmeline is plucked from picking dandelions with her daughter, Sophie, to standing next to the steel grave of her husband and his bullet ridden body.

In the months that pass, the assassin’s trail goes cold. Emmeline founders in a quiet depression, paralyzed by guilt and tormented by hazy nightmares. Grief leaves Emmeline adrift, barely able to be a mother. Tensions rise within the family and from without, culminating in Emmeline fleeing to Scotland, clinging to what she believes to be her husband’s last wish.

In the wilds of Scotland, Emmeline is confronted by more than she bargained for. The distance does nothing to alleviate her pain and Sophie becomes ever more distant and petulant. Emmeline stumbles through the process of grief, juggling work, motherhood, in-laws, and the notion of loving another man.

Emmeline MacArthur’s story is about love, the love which bonds a family, that compels a mother’s sacrifice, and the love which creates the framework of grief. The Clouds Aren’t White forces the question, what if the worst were to happen?




Rachael Wright is a member of Indie Author Support and Discussion (IASD)

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