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Guest Post by Söndra Rymer of Fairy Tales Imagery

You’re never too old for fairy tales…


I’m so pleased to have discovered my new friend in the wonderful world of Twitter. Söndra is the creator of beautiful fairy tale images, a conceptual photographer, digital artist, costume and prop designer and owner of Fairy Tales Imagery, Inc. A woman of many creative talents.

Following the birth of her children, Söndra revisited her love of fairy tales and fantasy stories. She delights in creating whimsical and enchanted imagery but she occasionally explores darker gothic fantasy stories.

Featured below are some of my favourites and also ones chosen by my children.

 Söndra Rymer Biography


DorothyOZ_final WEB

Story: I am a conceptual photographer and digital artist. I have a degree and background in photography and theater. I tend to work mainly with children’s and YA fairy tales and fantasy story books. My work starts with storyboard sketches.. and then the real fun begins!

Costumes: I adore creating costumes! I work with the author/ publisher/ client and we come up with ideas for the costumes in each feature art piece. I get to design a lot of the costumes for my shoots, hiring professional seamstresses to sew them, though I do a little bit of the sewing myself. I also get to go vintage and estate sale shopping or ask some of my fashion designer friends for input and help in the process. All a great deal of work, but so much fun!

Props: Part of what I do that I enjoy the most is acquiring costumes and props for my photo shoots. I work with props master Robert de la Pena, Art Director of dlpStudios, who designs and creates most of unique props. I want all my costumes and props to be unique to each story. If he is not creating them, then I get to run around and find and / or create them myself.

Creative Process: From the photo shoot I edit down the images… and send a select top favourite images to the client/ publisher. Once the image has been selected I get to start work on all the digital art! I spend hours and hours to blend, create, paint, digitally manipulate and voila! the finished art piece!

Clients: I work internationally, distance is no object. I primarily create photography and art pieces for publication; book covers, inside art for children’s books, custom art designs commercial and creative commissioned work. My work has work gained interest in UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands, (Europe in general) and in Australia.

Currently: I am currently working on “Tilly & the Tooth Fairy” a fairy tale book due out Spring 2015, with Australian children’s picture book publisher Jet Black Publishing. What I love about this publisher is that they donate 20% of the profit from the sale of each book to the ALNF (non profit Australian Numeracy & Literacy Foundation) How cool is that?

Featured: I was recently featured on this lovely children’s picture book blog and site:
Artist Showcase: Söndra Nell Rymer ~ Conceptual Photographer & Digital Artist | Inkspokes

Contact: Follow Söndra Rymer on Facebook and Twitter or check out her amazing website

For more information, email Söndra direct at

Sleeping BeautyFINALUPDATE2014

Maleficent scary WEB

Maleficent FINAL updateWEB2014

Maleficent closeup WEB

Maleficent close-up fire scaryWEB

My favourite of the 'Through a child's eye' series

estesdancinginmeadow WEB


Magic Tree Dryad

fairy orb Autumn WEB

 Thank you Söndra for allowing me to share these on my blog.


2 thoughts on “Guest Post by Söndra Rymer of Fairy Tales Imagery

  1. AvatarEmma Childs

    OH MY WORD!!!! This is stuff of dreams Sondra!!!! These images touch my soul and take me to a place of absolute wonder and happiness. Sylva Fae these are such a rare gem of a find! xxx

    1. Sylva FaeSylva Fae Post author

      Emma you must check out Sondra’s new book, it’s beautiful. Hop over to my children’s book reviews for a look.

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