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Introducing Annie Macpherson

I was kept up late last night by a detective. She was here again this morning, I’d only just got the girls off to school and made a cup of coffee, and she appeared demanding my full attention.



Primed by the Past

Primed by the Past by Barbara Fagan Speake is the book I’m currently reading and its main character Detective Annie Macpherson is the one responsible for my household chores not being done. If you haven’t already read this detective series, you can get the first two books in the series free from the 12th to 16th May 2016.

The Blurb…

Scottish detective Annie Macpherson, on an exchange with the Westford Police in Connecticut didn’t believe that Angela Goodman was in danger when she presented herself at the station. Now Annie knows different. Angela has been brutally attacked in her own home and left for dead.

Annie is determined to make amends and catch the culprit, not only for Angela’s sake, but her own. She’s a third generation cop and has a tradition of fine police work to uphold.

Within days, a fatal car crash in Massachusetts initially seems to be an accident but subsequent evidence points to something much more sinister. The result: yet another victim and yet another detective trying to fit the pieces of a jigsaw together.

Download Primed by the Past free from Amazon.


5101H8OTdhL._UY250_Programmed to Kill

This is the second book in the Detective Annie Macpherson series.

The blurb…

Now in the middle of her six-month exchange with the Westford Connecticut Police Department, Scottish Detective Annie Macpherson is barely tying up the loose ends from her last case when a new one appears. The vicious murder of a local priest has all the marks of a ritualistic attack, but what is the motive behind it? Before they can answer that, Annie and her colleague, Detective Dave Ellison, find they have another body on their hands whose injuries are too similar for it to be coincidence. And if that wasn’t enough, Annie’s love life has just got more complicated.

Joined by Detective Bronski, the third member of their team, they find themselves drawn into a statewide investigation into child pornography. Their lines of inquiry are tangled by parents who want to take the law into their own hands, and instances of domestic abuse, not to mention the question of how high the intrigue goes – can they even trust their own police chief?

In her second Annie Macpherson novel, Barbara Fagan Speake once again dissects the issues which drive her characters – the potent themes of love, revenge and moral ambiguity. The twist here is that we also see into the mind of the murderer, the desire to observe the reactions of the victims, and the motivation of those who hide dark secrets behind the face they present to the world.

Programmed to Kill is a fast paced police procedural, pitting the detectives against intelligent adversaries who plan meticulously. By the end you may wonder if you’re on the side of law and order after all…

Download Programmed to Kill free from Amazon.

Other books by Barbara Fagan Speake

If like me you have to read everything by an author when you find a good book…

Secrets Only Sleep

This is her standalone debut novel. A fictional city in Connecticut, Westford, provides the setting for this book and continues as the setting for the novels in her Scottish Detective Annie Macpherson series.

There are four books in the Detective Annie Macpherson series so far:

Primed by the Past

Programmed to Kill

Past Deception

Scared to Tell

41FCMYeVmeL._SX304_BO1,204,203,200_Barbara’s most recent release is a collection of short stories and flash fiction, it deals with darker and lighter shades of crime – from murder to deception.

Shades of Crime: Dark and Light

Barbara Fagan SpeakeBarbara Fagan Speake was born and brought up in Connecticut, on the eastern seaboard of the USA. She moved to the UK in 1972 following her marriage and had a varied career as a research psychologist, clinical psychologist and senior manager in the NHS. A previous author of non-fiction books, she turned her attention to fiction writing in 2001. Barbara creates her characters from both the US and the UK and draws on her experiences of both countries as well as on her professional background.

Barbara has a Facebook writer page and a website at



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