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Bob Robin

I was browsing round Facebook and this cheeky little chap smiled out at me:

1935505_1664528250499752_5906738734627635858_n (1)

He was shouting from the screen to be fed and adored. This is one of the beautiful paintings by my Devon Art Pop friend, Jill Griffin.

I smiled back at Jill’s robin – whose name is Bob – then went out to feed our own little garden robin. He’s just as cheeky and getting bolder by the day.

20160125_131115-1 Then at work, I was visited by a third robin asking to share my lunch. He’s met me at the park and chatted from the wall every day for the last two weeks. We pass the time of day while he nibbles on sandwich crumbs and listens to my ramblings. Passers-by may think I’m quite mad but we have some interesting conversations.


These three robin moments reminded me of a poem I wrote for my daughters a little while ago. I’ve named him Bob…

Bob Robin

The sky was grey and dark
As I made my toast and tea.
I shivered in the morning chill
And gazed out dreamily.

And there beyond the window,
Perched on the welcome mat,
With beady eyes and round red breast,
A tiny bird was sat.

He lifted up a feathered wing
As if to wave hello.
Then pecked upon the window
Afraid that I might go.

A cheeky breakfast guest!
I gathered some bird seed
And sprinkled it upon the lawn
So that he might feed.

He watched me with delight
Then swooped and ate with glee.
He waved a little thank you
As he fed under the tree.

“Same time tomorrow?” I called,
Then up and off he flew,
His rosy red breast gleaming
As he fluttered in the blue.



I featured some of Jill Griffin’s work in my post on the Devon Art Pops.

You can follow Jill, and meet some of the other quirky characters she paints, on Facebook and Twitter.

Or view work for sale at Art Finder.

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14 thoughts on “Bob Robin

  1. AvatarLisa Shambrook

    Love this, and that’s such a gorgeous painting!
    In my second book ‘Beneath the Old Oak’ Meg has a robin in her garden and she snaps a couple of photos of him in her garden, like yours up there… I’ve tried to do so myself with great difficulty! We have too many local cats for our robins to feel comfortable enough to pose close enough. Though I’ve been becoming friendly with a robin up at my parents home when I’m there, and I’m hoping one day he’ll feel comfortable enough for me to take a pic!

    1. Sylva FaeSylva Fae Post author

      It’s taken days to get a photo and that one is at full zoom. Bob’s quite camera shy even when bribed with sandwich crumbs. I look forward to your robin pics.

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