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Fun With Ripples and Bears…

004-1The thing with ripples is that once the pebble has been dropped, they just keep on going and going. Between our English woodland and Jim Milson’s Missouri hideaway, that’s a very big pond to cross. Jim wrote about these ripples in a post I reblogged.

Whilst setting off on a short holiday with my family, I read Jim’s post to my mum, artist Christine Southworth, she was really touched to have been included in it. Together with random ideas from my three little fae, we wrote another poem for Jim and set Milson the Steampunk Bear rippling back across the pond.


It started with a bear…

A handsome chap named Milson The Steampunk Bear, drawn by Christine Southworth




Then came a poem…

Based on Milson The Steampunk Bear’s adventures with the Old Glory Bear creations.


Which prompted the creation of a bear…

A German mohair steampunk bear with glass eyes, by the lovely Jim Milson



Then a birthday present to Jim…

Milson, the Steampunk Bear Finishes the ‘Go Anywhere, Do Anything’ Chair”- original artwork by Christine Southworth

Milson, the Steampunk Bear Finishes the ‘Go Anywhere, Do Anything’ Chair”- original artwork by Christine Southworth


And finally a poem by the family Fae…

Milson was a steampunk bear,
Whose little paws could repair
And fix and mend anything,
But inventing was his favourite thing.

He’d gather pipes, pots and pins,
Old bicycle wheels, nails and tins,
The tub from a tumble dryer
Trays, umbrellas and fishing wire.

His little paws did fiddle and meddle
His feet tapping treadle and pedal.
With a crashbang, clunk, hiss and fizz
A whirring, zooming, whooshing whizz.

It was thirsty work all this bending,
Tinkering, tapping, carefully mending.
But Milson was a happy bear,
He’d made the GoAnywhereChair.

Now a cup of tea would be just fine
To while away a little time.
He settled down, gave the command:
“GoAnywhereChair – to old England.”

He grabbed his hat with jaunty feather
(He’d heard about the English weather.)
Then pulled the lever, closed his eyes
And whoosh he rose with great surprise.

A puff of smoke, a whizz and whirr,
He steered the GoAnywhereChair.
Then landed with a crash, bump, bam!
Upon the lawns of Buckingham.

He smoothed his fur to look his best
Excited to be a royal guest.
He fluffed the feather on his quirky hat
And marched up to the welcome mat.

A butler met him at the door,
“Follow me Mr Bear, I do implore.
Her Majesty’s waiting for afternoon tea.
Pray wipe your paws and follow me.”

So Milson dined with her Majesty,
On jammy scones and Earl Grey tea,
With Union Jack plates; red, white and blue,
Milson felt quite regal too.

He tipped his hat, “thank you Ma’am.
I’ve had the most wonderful time.”
He stood and gave a gallant bow
“To America, I return right now.”

Queen Liz had most enjoyed her guest
“One thinks steampunk bears are best.
I adore your hat with jaunty feather,
One thinks you are so very clever.”

“I would like a GoAnywhereThrone.
Would you create a steampunk one?
I’m so bored of all this gold,
It’s hard, uncomfy and very cold.”

So Milson bid his warm goodbyes,
The GoAnywhereChair took to the skies.
“Home chair!” He gave command.
Then set off to his dear homeland.

His task was harder than foreseen,
Create a throne for a steampunk queen
But he’d do his best for her Majesty
In return for cake and Earl Grey tea.

The pebble has been dropped and those ripples are coming back at you Jim… There’s a cup of Earl Grey with your name on it any time you fancy joining Milson on his travels.


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    1. Sylva FaeSylva Fae Post author

      Distance is irrelevant when it comes to making friends in this strange world of social media. I too am grateful to have met you.

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