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A Dusty World Book Day

pollywallyLast year, my three little fae bounced into school as Pippi Longstocking, Kitty Lacey and Polly Wally. Hours of hand-sewing late into the night finally produced three outfits up to the high standards of my young readers. I love World Book Day as much as the children do and wish I could dress up for work too. I would love to teach my lessons as Arwen of Rivendel or the White Witch, evil queen of Narnia; my students probably wouldn’t notice though.

20140306_084433My little Polly Wally was discovered by Lucy and Kali at the square card co, where children’s author Kali Stileman designs beautiful cards in between writing and illustrating books. Peely Wally and baby Polly Wally have always been favourites with my three. I was so pleased they chose our little Polly Wally as their picture for World Book Day.


downloadThis year we’ve read so many amazing books but I was a little apprehensive of giving them a free choice. What if they decided on Brink, the red demon from Andy Mulberry’s ‘Skycastle the Demon and Me‘ or ‘Tiny Tyrannosaurus‘ by Penny Luker? Both fabulous characters but I’m not sure my sewing skills could cope with miniature dinosaurs or grouchy demons, though they do suit my girls so well!

51PUinUDZAL._UY250_I was really relieved when they all wanted to be dust fairies from Michelle Eastman’s ‘The Legend of Dust Bunnies, a fairy’s tale‘. I called upon dust fairy Artie for some tips as everyone knows dust fairies get up to all sorts of messy mischief if they don’t have a dust bunny to cuddle. The girls drew out their designs and picked which fairies they wanted to be from Kevin Richter’s fun illustrations. Armed with scissors, needles and a sewing machine with a mind of its own, I set out to create three costumes.

Twenty minutes later, I managed to thread the needle!

20150305_013222I’m not sure Artie would think much of my attempts at a dust bunny, I thought mine looked a little scary, but the girls loved them. In fact one was loved a little too much in the car to school and had to go for emergency surgery in the dust bunny hospital (thank goodness for car sewing kits and a handy daddy!) My eldest proudly took in the book to read to her classmates, making promises to pass it on to her little sisters at lunch time.

Another thing about dust fairies, they can’t keep still for photos. They’re far too busy flying off to make mess, mayhem and mischief! Dust bunnies however, love to pose for photos while they read a favourite book.

And now my tired fairies are tucked up in bed snuggling their dust bunnies. Another World Book Day over and I’m very happy to swap my sewing machine for a keyboard… until next year. Maybe I’ll be brave enough to dress up too.


Which character would you be for the next World Book Day?

10 thoughts on “A Dusty World Book Day

  1. Avatarmichelle

    Oh, my cuteness!! I am rushing out the door for school drop-off, so longer comment to come. Short comment-LOVE!!!!!

    1. Sylva FaeSylva Fae Post author

      I’m glad you like them. The girls had so much fun and each have their own dust bunny to remember the day. Cuddling her dust bunny, my eldest said ‘You know in the story how Artie’s heart swelled with pride when he saw his dust bunny? Well I feel the same.’ So cute!

  2. Avatarmichelle

    Okay, child delivered to school and 200 email messages tended…
    This is, hands down, the most wonderful thing that has ever happened in regard to the book. I am honored and touched that your girls chose to emulate Artie and his dusty gang for such a special celebration. I wish we celebrated our Read Across America like this-costumes rock!
    I am nearly in tears reading what your daughter told you about swelling with pride. It is wonderfully surreal to know my book has touched a tiny heart.
    You truly inspire me to strive to be a better mom. Your girls are blessed beyond measure to have you.
    Thank you for taking the time to share these snippets from your day. You certainly made mine!


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  4. AvatarSondra

    awww, this is so sweet! I love that you made the costumes and the book sounds truly wonderful with such a caring author! soooo fabulous! <3

    1. Sylva FaeSylva Fae Post author

      Thanks Stephanie, I’m lucky to have ‘met’ so many fabulous authors on here. My girls love helping to review children’s picture books.

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