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An Absolutely Teeny World Book Day

20150305_013222Today is World Book Day and all over England school children went in dressed as their favourite characters. Last year, my three flew into school as dust fairies, carrying their own matching dust bunnies. This year, I was rather dreading the requests I would get. My skills with a sewing machine are passable at best, once I’ve managed to thread the needle, but I like making their fancy dress outfits. My three read so much that there’s always an amazing range of characters to choose from. How to choose though โ€“ my littlest was adamant she was going to be a chipmunk called Brittney from her new Alvin and the Chipmunks book. My other other two were flying the flag for the indie authors.


61dR7K-NifL._UY250_Little Red Bear (The Adventures of Little Red Bear by James Milson) and Harry Mouse (Harry the Happy Mouse by NGK) were amongst our favourite books but my little fae wanted to be girl characters โ€“ sorry Red and Harry! My eldest made a cute Teeny Pheeny and my eclectic middle daughter made the perfect Aggie. Hogwarts pupils were flying round and it was really easy to find Where’s Wally in the playground this morning as my excited chipmunk bounced through the gates, followed by a cute baby owl and a scruffy dust fairy. At pick up time, I gained an extra two: Mary Poppins and Arwen of Rivendell came for tea with Aggie, Teeny Pheeny and Brittney Chipmunk.


61ig1xBakcL._UY250_It’s such a lovely tradition and definitely worth the hours of sewing past midnight. By the magic of the Internet, I have been able to share our World Book Day fun with the authors of the books we love so much. Promoting a love of books and stories in young children is something I am passionate about. It is crucial to developing their literacy skills and imagination, that much is obvious, but early reading has so many other benefits. It enhances the child’s learning potential, improving memory and concentration, their mastery of language and widening their vocabulary. Most importantly, they learn that reading is fun. ย Authors Karen Emma Hall and Michelle R Eastman have both worked hard to promote the power of the picture book and get children reading.

kla-560x767Karen Emma Hall is the author and illustrator of Hello Teeny Pheeny and a promoter of children’s literature. She is the founder of Kid Literature Authors, a website and Facebook page for children’s authors and others who are passionate about promoting children’s literacy.

My review of HelloTeeny Pheeny.

Buy Hello Teeny Pheeny on Amazon.


michelle.eastman_1453404212_82Michelle R Eastman is the author of the dust fairy tales โ€“ The legend of Dust Bunnies and Absolutely Aggie, and Kevin Richter is the amazing illustrator who created Aggie and the dust fairies.

Michelle is passionate about reading and getting books to children in need. I first met Michelle when I got involved with her Picture Book Pass it On PBPiO initiative, you can read my contribution here. Last year, she also started the MARCHing Books to Kids initiative which raises awareness and collects books for children of incarcerated parents.

kevin-richter-kevtoon-aggie-v2Click here to find out how you can get involved with MARCHing Books to Kids.

My review of Absolutely Aggie.

Buy Absolutely Aggie on Amazon.

Check out more of Kevin Richter’s amazing illustrations on his website

Follow Kevin Richter on Facebook.

Well, another World Book Day is over and my three little fae have reluctantly taken off their costumes and washed off the face paint. They enjoyed becoming characters from their favourite books. I hope my girls will continue to read and love books as much as I did as a child. I will finish with some quotes from my little fae and their two friends.

‘When you read, it transports you into another world and makes you have a better imagination.’

– Friend age 9 (Arwen Evenstar)

‘I love books, I try to read one every day. My favourite is Mary Poppins.’

– Friend age 7 (Mary Poppins)

‘When you’re in a quiet room with a good book, you disappear into your own little bubble and become one of the characters. For a short time you get to live inside the story.’

– Little Fae age 8 (Teeny Pheeny)

‘I love Aggie because she’s just like me. Aggie is cool.’

– Little Fae age 5 (Absolutely Aggie)

‘I loved being a chipmunk and I love my chipmunk books. I love all books so long as they have good pictures.’

– Little Fae age 4 (Brittney Chipmunk)

Happy World Book Day!




9 thoughts on “An Absolutely Teeny World Book Day

  1. AvatarLisa Shambrook

    That’s so fun! I love dressing up, my girls are off to Comic Con this weekend, dressed up, but the World Book Day dressing up came a bit late for my kids as they got too old before the schools caught on. My youngest did do Harry Potter and the Worst Witch costumes though, back in primary school!

    1. Sylva FaeSylva Fae Post author

      Comic Con sounds like fun. I guess I have this to look forward to when my girls are a little older.

  2. AvatarJEN

    I love the idea of dressing up as book characters. But I’m almost afraid to suggest it to my school… what would my kids choose? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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