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Charlotte’s Web of Friendship

charlotte and wilburSometimes you can trawl through social media, scrolling past the same adverts and overused images, but once in a while, you happen upon someone fascinating. Someone shines out from the drudgery of automated spam and retweet chains and gives me a wave. I’ve been lucky to meet many talented people in this way, artists, writers, photographers, poets and craftsmen, people whose work initially caught my eye but then we became friends. Is ‘friend’ the right word in this weird world of social media? I will never meet you in real life, yet we share interests, the same humour, I admire your creative skills and we support one another’s endeavours. Wherever you live in the world, I can pop in and visit, browse round while you sleep and leave you a message to find when you wake. You keep me entertained in those quiet moments in between real life. However you choose to label these cyber relationships, I think of you as my friends and cherish the people I’ve met on here.

christoph-bach-hr1I met the charming Alan Prince by chance on Twitter as he dropped into a conversation asking if there was room for a prince in my magical land. Of course there’s always room for a prince in my fairy tales! I’ve since featured his amazing sculptures in a few blog posts and I’ve come to consider Alan a good friend. A while ago, he politely asked me for my date of birth. A strange request but I trusted he had good reason. A couple of weeks later I received a surprise package in the post, my very own Made by a Prince sculpture, a little money spider.

20151010_125627[1]I instantly fell in love with her and named her Charlotte after another special spider from my childhood. Charlotte came with a note, promises of a story of her creation. I immediately contacted Alan to thank him and inform him of Charlotte’s safe arrival. I was also intrigued to know her story…

The story of the 1972 coin is… I have a large collection of coins, old shillings and sixpences as well as the range of coins after decimalisation, so I went into my cupboard and searched through them over and over but couldn’t find one! When I Googled ’72 coins I found out there were none circulated in that year, so… as rare as yourself, I managed to get a proof coin minted for collectors.

How cool is that? I feel very honoured to now own such a rare sculpture, not only for its beauty but for the thought and feeling that went into its creation. It was such a lovely gesture of friendship from a kind and caring man.

Thank you Alan my friend!

My money spider has now found a new home to spin her web, bringing good luck to all who cross her path. She hangs proudly in my living room, a little reminder of the kindness of others.

If this post has made you smile, help to spin a web of happiness. Go do a good deed for someone, a kind word or friendly gesture and make someone else smile too. Even the smallest of gestures may change someone’s day, casting ripples…


If you would like to see more of Alan’s work, please visit his website:

Made by a Prince




16 thoughts on “Charlotte’s Web of Friendship

    1. Sylva FaeSylva Fae Post author

      She is beautiful, I’d love her anyway but knowing how much thought went into her creation, makes her so much more special.

  1. AvatarSondra

    I love that you value and always write about the artist / author collaboration, support, connecting and friendship! Love this blog today, put such a smile on my face. Have a great day friend!! 🙂

    1. Sylva FaeSylva Fae Post author

      Thank you Sondra, you know you are one of the friends I had in mind as I was writing this. So glad it made you smile, my beautiful friend.

  2. AvatarAnnette Stewart

    Sylva, what can I say? since i have known you, I have been introduced to so many delightful pleasures – walks/ strolls that have meaning as I check out nooks and crannies of trees looking for the fairies that live there; other peoples crafts and skills that I might have otherwise passed by; many more but not forgetting my recent beach pleasures as I spent countless hours determined to make a pile of rocks into a beautiful sculpture.(well I like to think so!) I am so pleased, delighted and happy to be caught in the web that you have spun. A lovely blog. Thank you.

    1. Sylva FaeSylva Fae Post author

      Glad to be of service Annette! I’ve taken great pleasure from our friendship. Your sculpture was beautiful, as were the peach postcards you designed for the womb cancer project. I do seem to be responsible for roping you into things. I have a new project coming up for November, watch this space…

  3. AvatarNeil G

    Lovely piece, Sylva, and what an absolutely marvellous present, novel and ingenious. The treasures we find on Twitter certainly outshine the bots and follow trains. Shine on, forest lady!

    1. Sylva FaeSylva Fae Post author

      You of course shone out Mr G – with a dark and ominous light. You are definitely one of good friends I speak of. See you in the clubhouse for tea and toast later. xxx

  4. AvatarJames Milson

    A beautifully written opening paragraph! Ripples, indeed. Isn’t it wonderful? A standing ovation for Alan! What a wonderful act of kindness and thoughtfulness. The world needs more Alans. And Sylvas! I was helping an author new to Twitter last weekend, and when he asked if it has been any benefit to me money-wise, I explained to him that I personally cannot testify or account for a single sale thru any Twitter posts, but that I had met some of my very best friends there, and that has made it all worthwhile for me. Cheers to Friends! Great post.

    1. Sylva FaeSylva Fae Post author

      Cheers to friends indeed. I do believe you will only discover them if you go looking with a smile and an open heart – a bit like a bear I know. We had a similar discussion about how Twitter links to sales in the indie group, my response was the same as yours. I have made the most amazing friends on here and I’m proud to call you one of them.

  5. AvatarWK Tucker

    What a lovely gesture by Mr. Prince. Charlotte is beautiful.
    Like you, I have cyber-met–and continue to meet–some really amazing people. I have a handful of really good friends who I will most likely never meet face to face, but that doesn’t make them any less my friends. I treasure each and every one.

  6. AvatarJulia Lund

    I’ve just been catching up with some of my blogging friends – a photographer from the States, a Belgian-Australian grandfather writing his fascinating memoirs, a French poet and now you, my new friend. And what do I discover? We share a friend in common 🙂

    Here’s to your money-spider friendship-web’s continued spinning.

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