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Chasing the Fae…

25efbfcb-c190-41d5-b5b3-30dea2c96ac9This is a time of year for reflection, for pondering and for weighing up the good and the bad of the last year. For me it was a year of great change. I’ve escaped a job I’d grown weary of and tumbled into a new career. I’ve seen my baby grow up to become a school girl, I’ve watched my middle daughter blossom in confidence and my eldest little diva is now dancing through junior school. The school terms mark the passing of time as my girls learn faster than I can keep up with.

As a parent I am constantly trying to keep the balance between boundaries and rules, and allowing children to just be children. I worry about whether I’m doing enough, being strict enough or too strict. I relentlessly remind them of their pleases and thank yous and hope that they use them with others. I read with them, sing, dance and play with them, we run through the fields, scramble through bushes and climb the trees together but I don’t take them to the clubs other children their age go to. Our weekends have no structure, no plan, we just check the weather and choose an adventure. I often worry if it’s enough.


The previous month brought happy tears as I watched each of my little ones sing in their school plays. It also brought proud mummy moments as I crouched, knees up to ears on a tiny school chair listening while their teachers reported on their year in class. It seems my three are known for their manners (phew!), are effortlessly coasting through their lessons and are kind to others. Good to know but what made me smile most, was each teacher commented on their vivid imaginations, their aptitude for story telling and the amazing illustrations they create to go with their stories. One teacher said with a giggle, that she always looked forward to what she’d write about her weekend adventures. She showed me a few and laughed about how she tried to make her describe her weekend but she always insisted on telling a story instead. I read a few. They told of leaving the woodland path and wading through thick forest to discover secret lands, of hunting dragons and making houses for the fairies, they described chasing mermaids across the sky and climbing to the tops of the tallest trees to capture the sunbeams. I smiled back at the teacher and assured her it was all actually true. I’m not sure whether the teacher believed me or made a mental note that their mother was quite loopy. She smiled in a knowing way and moved swiftly onto her maths progress.


In those moments of self doubt, I remember that I have fuelled that imagination, fed it and encouraged it to run wild. I have provided the playground and focused their minds to see beyond what the eye can capture. I may not be a conventional mum but then I did not have a very conventional childhood. I blame my mum! My girls share our family trait, we’re deemed by others to be bizarre but I am secretly proud my girls have inherited my weirdness. I can’t blame all my quirks on my mum but she was the one who taught me to read and I have passed on that love of books to my daughters. Giving them the gift of literacy is something I can be proud of.


b99f9029-8769-453a-9765-448280b85477This new year blew in with the weather. Here in England, we’ve had a wet and gloomy start to 2016 with many flooded out by heavy rains.This weather has kept us from going out as much as we’d like and I’m missing my little woodland. My girls have been wishing for snow for weeks and finally their wishes were granted. We awoke today to a white garden and sparkling trees; they couldn’t wait to build their first snowman. I happily dodged snowballs and helped give our snowman a smile, but I’m secretly wishing for sunshine, for lazy, carefree days to run through the fields. Whatever the weather, I know this year will bring many more adventures out in the woods, making memories and writing stories to baffle teachers and keep my little faeries entertained. One thing I know for sure, I’ll be spending my days chasing the fae.



18 thoughts on “Chasing the Fae…

  1. AvatarNeil G

    You do it every time, Sylva! A beautiful piece, plain and simplly written, clear and heart-warming. So lovely. Keep writing, and keep being a wonderfully weird mother to your family. Good wishes to all of you

  2. AvatarMysteryves

    Utterly delightful! Smiling from ear to …appears to me you’re a marvellous parent, Mr, too!
    With a beautifully imaginative and well mannered troupe of fae. Yule soon be back to your magic wood. …to here.
    Best wishes to you and yours for 2016.

    I had a lovely mum but you’d have been my second choice.

    1. Sylva FaeSylva Fae Post author

      My Hippy son! Thanks for dropping by again. I’ll be round for hot chocolate later, warm my slippers by the fire.

  3. AvatarLisa Shambrook

    Such adventures are the best a parent can give! I know my own kids recall the adventures and days lost to searching for dragons, climbing mountains and wading through rivers as some of their best!
    Well rounded and weird, the best thing to be xxx

  4. AvatarLesley

    What an eloquently beautiful piece of writing. It brought tears to my eyes to think how lucky your little girls are to have such a perceptive, loving mother. I know that the joy you have helped encouraged must come back to you threefold as you share the adventures with them and watch them grow into their own unique beautiful shape, just like the trees you love so much. Thank you for bringing some of that light into my day. 🙂

  5. AvatarJulia

    I don’t think you need doubt that you are doing the mum-thing just right. Your girls are happy and secure and live in a space where encouragement, creativity and imagination are the currency of everyday. What gifts you are giving them. What treasues you are mining. Happy flying in 2016.

    1. Sylva FaeSylva Fae Post author

      Flying indeed, Julia. I’ll be flying round after them as we set off on new adventures. Thank you for your lovely words.

  6. AvatarAnni stewart

    Always a pleasure to read your life blogs Sylva and this one is particularly special. Such lucky children to have a wonderfully creative mother. I’m certainly not a child but you have definitely managed to enthuse me in so many magical ways. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Sylva FaeSylva Fae Post author

      Thank you Anni, it’ll soon be stone balancing time again. We can compare sculptures when the weather warms up a little.

  7. AvatarJames Milson

    An amazing post that makes me wish there was a Noble Prize for parenting! Beautiful family and they are blessed to have such a mum. Would that more were so “unconventional.” Blessings to you and all the family!

  8. AvatarBarbara SUsman

    Absolutely beautiful piece of writing, made me smile. I was so drawn into it, felt like a child again myself. Your girls are blessed to have a mum like you, you are creating so many happy memories for them, what a pity more children don’t have this ‘specialness’,…….You are quite unique xxx

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