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Magic Pot of Soil

Today is the seventh time I’ve celebrated Mother’s Day as a mum. Seven years is such a short time and yet I struggle to remember the time before my girls arrived and took over my life. Seven years is also a long enough time to make me appreciate what a wonderful job my own mum did.

IMG_20150314_225233 Thank you to my own girls for seven, five and four wonderful years of fun and cuddles. Thank you for all the story books and adventures shared. Thank you for the many laughs at your funny antics; we have the photographic evidence to embarrass you with when you’re older. Thank you also for all the annoying little things that drive me mad now, for I know I’ll miss them when they’re gone. I long to use the loo without an audience, to stretch out in a hot bath without sitting on plastic bathtoys, to wash my hands without sharing the sink with a mermaid and to sleep through the night without a small person sneaking in and pinching the covers. I know this time won’t last and I’m simultaneously relieved and saddened.

When I had my first baby people kept telling me to cherish every moment as it goes by too quickly. How true. One minute I was cradling a baby then suddenly I’m buying school uniform. Where did that time go? I did, I do still cherish those moments and now I’m excited to watch my babies grow into independent, clever, beautiful young girls complete with strong opinions, attitude and a quirky sense of humour.

20150315_125153-1 My girls almost allowed me a lie in this Mother’s Day. Technically I stayed in bed but they were far too excited to let me snooze, instead they took it in turns to bring me cuddles and homemade cards. My eldest gave me a poem, my middle daughter a handwritten and illustrated storybook and my littlest, a decorated pot of soil. I’m assuming she’s planted me some seeds but she can’t remember. I will water my magic pot of soil with anticipation.

Happy Mother’s Day

To my mum and all the other special mums out there.



9 thoughts on “Magic Pot of Soil

  1. AvatarJill Teyu

    That’s really early for Mother’s Day isn’t it Sylva? But it’s such a lovely article. Caption is already powerful enough to capture my attention as a mum! Thanks so much! Have a lovely Mother’s Day!

  2. AvatarApril Rane

    I so enjoyed reading this. And yes, the time really goes much too quickly. I still have some of the cards and school-made mothers day gifts, in fact I am looking at one now. It’s a small ceramic flower pot my older son made when he was 8 or 9. Amazingly that was 44 years ago. I treasure the gift, but it’s the memories…

    Well, I can see that you will have an enormous amount of pleasant memories. I can tell from how you write that you adore being a mother, though it is indeed a huge job. Cherish it as you are doing and you change the world…one incredible mother at a time. Happy Mother’s Day to a beautiful woman, who is one of the fae.

  3. AvatarAnni Stewart

    Sun is shining here this morning so before writing starts I’m going into the garden and hopefully find some magical inspiration.

  4. AvatarChristine

    Only just read this post as I have been in the Artic circle searching for the Northern lights only to find on my return I can see them from my bedroom window over Rivington Moor !!.Well Sylvafae ,it only seems like yesterday that I was the one enjoying your childhood adventures,handcrafted gifts and Mother’s Day lie ins.Now I can enjoy it all over again thanks to the best gift anyone could ever receive,three gorgeous loving Grandaughters.Thankyou,your little Mummy ,xxx

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