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Mud, Glorious Mud!

Featured on RSPB Coombes’ blog.



Our girls are natural mud magnets, if there’s a puddle to stomp in, a muddy hillside to slide down or mud pies to be made, then our mucky rascals are in their element. Western culture has its four elements: earth, air, water and fire, my girls combine the first three to form the fifth element essential to play; mud, the gooier, squishier and splodgier the better. If there is a square metre of mud in ten acres of countryside, my middle daughter will be the one to ‘accidentally’ slip in it. Her love of hugs guarantees everyone shares the experience. Once muddy, you may as well just dig right in and have fun.



You can imagine their faces when we turned up to RSPB Coombes to find they had created a mud kitchen in the picnic area. The girls didn’t wait for lunch, they rushed over to prepare their own. Within seconds the mud kitchen was a hive of sludgy activity, pouring, whisking, stirring; a sprinkling of soil and a garnish of autumn leaves. Dinner was served: four seasons mud pizza, messy squishy mud pie and a sticky toffee mudding. Delicious (if you’re a worm!) My husband and I were then treated to a Starmucks cappuccino; service with a trip and a smile.



Coombes’ mud kitchen inspired us to create one in our own woods. I raided the kitchen for mixing bowls and utensils while my husband built the food prep area from our own logs. The girls grabbed spades and added the finishing touches; mud, leaf mulch and a liberal sprinkling of woodland magic. Our woodland chefs have developed a new autumn menu to suit all tastes. The ingredients are locally sourced and prepared, with love and mucky little fingers. So if you’re in the area and feeling peckish why not drop into SylvaFae’s Mud Café.


Home deliveries are available courtesy of the Woodland Express.



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