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New Year Resolutions Woodland Style

Thinking about my New Year resolutions, it seems only fitting to look to the trees for inspiration. I love all trees; some are special features in my garden and some mark different memories of my woodland. All of them have their own unique character so it’s no surprise they each hold some symbolic meaning and represent a feeling, attribute or essence.


Imagination ∗ Vision

Being a parent means you get to experience life again through the innocence and awe of young children. I love their imagination and vision. Listening unobserved to their play, watching them transform the most mundane of objects into magical worlds is inspiring and a reminder of what really matters. This one is for my little willow saplings, I vow to listen more and take inspiration from your untarnished wisdom. I also want to take the time to cherish every hug, cuddle, kiss and ‘I love you’.


Endurance ∗ Passion

With three young children our energies are taken up dealing with the needs, demands and wants of our little ones. Sometimes it feels like we have become solely parents. Now our children are growing more independent of us, I would like to draw upon the alder’s endurance in managing my parental duties to allow some adult time to creep back in. This one is for my husband, let 2015 be a year of passion!


Strength ∗ Stability

We have an old oak on the edge of our wood, just at the entrance to the secret field. It marks the start of many adventures. For me the strength and stability of the oak symbolises our tight little family unit. I’m happy in my woods but I’m even happier still when we’re all there together to enjoy adventures as a family. Here’s to more family outings and the new adventures that 2015 will bring.


Love ∗ Generosity

This is about extended family, watching the relationships grow between our girls and their cousins; watching the special bonds between aunties, uncles and their rascal nieces grow strong. It is about having a special Nana who spoils them rotten and believes they are little angels who can do no wrong. Our extended family is spread over England, Wales and as far as Canada but each one is so important in our girls’ lives. I hope 2015 will give us more opportunities to get together.


Expression ∗ Connection

I am blessed to have a group of friends who share our love of the outdoors, those who have seen our little woodland paradise grow and shared many laughs at our children’s muddy antics. This group have become our ‘Woodland Warriors’ and I value the friendships of likeminded, caring (slightly mad) people. The woods give our children the chance to run wild, to express themselves freely and connect with nature. I endeavour to create many more adventures for my Woodland Warriors in 2015.


Action ∗ Protection

It’s been a really hard year at work, the hardest time a teacher could ever face (OFSTED invasions for those in the know!) But work provides the stability and protection we need to have a happy family life and I’m thankful to have a good job. I’m also blessed with fabulous colleagues who keep me sane when it all gets a bit crazy. This year I want to take more positive action at work and bring back some of the fun.


Creativity ∗ Inspiration

2014 will always be special as I started off on a new venture to write some of the stories I made up for the girls. This led to a whole new world of social media, blogs and meeting a creative group of writers and artists. I am amazed by the friendships that have developed in this strange cyber world but also I am thankful for the understanding and support of the friends who I’ve never even met in real life. I get most of my writing inspiration from being in our woods, so for 2015, I wish for more opportunities to gather inspiration woodland style, and I would love to publish some stories.


Silver Birch
Beginning ∗ Renewal

The silver birch has always been a magical tree for me; I once bought one for my husband as a birthday present and it now grows strong outside his window. It seems quite fitting that it should represent new beginnings and renewal so as we wave goodbye to 2014 I would like to bring in the New Year with peace, hope and a little silver birch magic.

I finish with a quote I discovered floating around the Twitterverse. In 2015, I vow to see only a forest of friends, a school of saplings and a workplace of trees to be trained.



12 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions Woodland Style

  1. AvatarNeil G

    Lovely piece, Sylva, written from the heart as forest matters need to be. Blest you are with trees aplenty and forest wisdom. In the old tales of Arthur, the Celtic Cheiftain, his warriors wore a sprig of Rowan ro show that whoever sought the Chieftain’s protection would have it through his travelling warrior band. Thank you for your beautiful post. As always, Neil G

  2. AvatarLesley

    Such a beautiful post! I love the way you have drawn on the qualities of the different trees. I see this new year as one in which your writing roots will spread even deeper and your branches will burst forth with incredible blossoms. You are also an amazing mother and partner and daughter… and I’m sure your qualities are much appreciated xx 🙂

    1. Sylva FaeSylva Fae Post author

      Thank you for your beautiful words Leslie. I truly appreciate all your help, advice and of course your friendship.

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  4. AvatarJudy Nappa

    What a lovely post to start 2015 – thank you for sharing this. I, unfortunately, have only two trees – one being a lovely Japanese maple – but I do have a lilac bush and a pair of hollies. I also have many perennials that I look forward to every year. Looking forward to many more lovely posts this year.

    Your new friend in Canada, Judy Nappa

  5. AvatarCorinne

    What a beautiful post! Keep up the wonderful work you do and may 2015 bring you many steps closer to reaching your heart’s desires!

  6. AvatarEmma Childs

    WOW, I’m quite blown away (in to the forest) by such a beautifully written, heartfelt piece of pure spiritual writing dear Sylva Fae!!
    Your writings & thoughts take me away to that special place & I thank you for that & all you do.
    Beautiful soul
    Your Tree spirit
    Emma childs xxx

    1. Sylva FaeSylva Fae Post author

      Thank you Emma. Whenever I think of you I picture your beautiful painting of the oak. For me, you are a young oak, new and fresh, giving joy and life to all around.

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