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While daydreaming in yet another mandatory staff training session I was introduced to thunks. “What on earth are thunks?” I hear you say. Well, after a little surreptitious googling under the desk I discovered thunks are ‘Questions to make your brain go ouch!’ If you gloss over the questionable grammar and creative spellings they are quite an addictive read and I did feel my brain go ouch on several occasions. Here are some of my favourite thunks:


Can you taste clouds?
When does a wood become a forest?
Do fish get thirsty?
Would a crow give distances ‘as a human walks’?
Is a hole a thing?
Does a sandwich need bread?
What is the speed of dark?
Do we all see the same colours? How would we know?

The site reminded me of the barrage of questions I face every day from my little ones. They are most definitely expert thunkers with the ability to make the most patient brain go ouch. My four year old wakes up thunking, thunks continuously throughout the day then falls asleep midthunk. Four year old thunkers make the assumption that mum has the answer to every conceivable thunk. I have always tried to give honest answers to my children (with selective half truths about tooth fairies and Father Christmas) but sometimes I’m completely stumped; out-thunked by a four year old!

Please comment if you have answers for my inquisitive rascals. Here are some of their recent thunks:


If a ladybird lost all its spots would it still be a ladybird?
Can you feel a rainbow?
Why does green have so many colours?
If I shout loudly in my dream can you hear me in your dream?
What colour is air?
What is the point of slugs?
Do robots like cheese?
If I ate a cushion would I be more comfy?
If an orange is orange why is a banana not called a yellow?
If I close my eyes can the light still see me?

Of course there are some standard out-thunked answers I churn out after a moment of bemused pondering: ‘Oh, I bet your dad will know the answer to that.’ This is usually in retaliation for the many occasions he’s redirected a complicated thunk at me. And ‘That’s something you’ll learn when you’re as old as me.’ usually reserved for those tricky coming of age questions.

As writers I think we’re all secret thunkers. They usually occur at some ungodly hour or when we should be doing something more productive. What are your thunks?

Thunking in the secret field

Thunking in the secret field

You can check out other people’s thunks at:


5 thoughts on “Out-thunked!

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  2. AvatarChristine Southworth

    With a thunk there is usually a two second warning that it is coming this gives you time to prepare your public face into what you hope looks like a goes like this “Mummm”or now “Nannaaa”even though outwardly I’m smiling my brain is in a scramble awaiting the bombshell to drop.

  3. AvatarFrank

    I have been hogtied with the lady bird; then my wife says it’s a lady bug and it’s a colloquialism that I have now learned. Now to start answering them?

    To the lady bird: Nope; when they lose their spots they become males and the other lady birds want them all to themselves. How do you think the baby lady birds get here?

    Of course you can feel a rainbow, you just have to get to the rainbow before it disappears. How do they feel? Rather wet.

    Green does not have so many colors, but rather green is just a very popular that all the other colors wanted to be a part of.

    I may not be able to hear you in my dream tonight, or tomorrow; but there are nights where I sit and listen to you talk in my dreams. So please continue to use your indoor voice in my dreams, all that shouting gives me a headache.

    The color of air is blue, like the sky. But we can’t see this very magical shade of blue because we are too close to it.

    There is no point to a slug, they are fat, slow, and rather rounded at every part of them. But they do like the gardens huh?

    Of course robots like cheese, they like making our favorite cheeses because they love to make us happy. So if the cheese making robots want us to be happy, they will like making us cheese.

    How comfy would you like to be? Instead of you trying to eat a bad tasty cushion; we can always get you another apple to fatten you up.

    Well, you have several kinds of bananas. Green bananas, yellow bananas, and black bananas. But there is only an orange orange. Wouldn’t make sense to call a black banana yellow would it?

    Only for so long as the light can play. It’s the dark that would have trouble seeing you if you closed your eyes.

    It’s at this point that you do not send them toddling off to gather more thunks for you; but to give them some thunks of your own!

    Like: what’s the circle of a point? or, why must we drive on parkways and park on drive ways? Why can’t money grow from trees instead of flowers? Where’s your twin? Who discovered America?

    I have hurt the brains of my children with these before. The last one being the most recent.

    1. Sylva FaeSylva Fae Post author

      Frank you are most definitely a master of Thunks – I hereby award you the title ‘Grandmaster Thunk’. May you continue to out-thunk all little thunkers who should cross your path (and I promise not to shout in my dreams!)

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