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The Calm Before The Storm

Or rather the calm before the storming of children.


The snow came down thick and heavy yesterday. Well by English standards, we’re not very good at dealing with adverse weather conditions. My lovely aunty sitting in her Canadian log cabin in the forest, surrounded by 6ft snow drifts, is giggling right now at our ineptitude to deal with a few inches of snow.


But it’s true we’re rubbish! All roads ground to a standstill, trains were delayed and cancelled and schools declared it a snow day. Ten minute journeys took two hours, adults mumbled and grumbled about the inconvenience of it all but all over children squealed in glee. Wellies on, sledges out, they made the most of an afternoon off.

Today all is quiet in the garden, the lawn crisp and untouched, the many wellyprints of yesterday’s fun have disappeared.



Yesterday’s snowman is hiding under a snowy blanket but more snow just means bigger and better snowmen are waiting to be discovered by chilly mittened hands.

The garden fairies are taking cover and enjoying the peace and quiet.


Some have gone into hibernation…


The blackbirds are sitting patiently in the ivy waiting for their snow free lunch. I’m under strict instructions not to play in the snow till they’re home. My wellies are sat waiting at the back door and I’m restraining myself from rushing out to make my own snow fairy.


All is quiet. That is until school’s out! Then the blackbirds will take flight as the silence is filled with shouts and the air is filled with flying snowballs. One shake of the swing and we’ll have our own willow tree blizzard. We’ll build our snowman, we’ll stomp and twirl around singing ‘Let it go’ Elsa-style. We’ll enjoy our snow day till noses turn pink and little fingers get too cold to play. Then back inside to defrost chilly toes in front of a roaring fire and fill up with hot stew.


But for now all is quiet. The calm before the storm.



8 thoughts on “The Calm Before The Storm

  1. AvatarNeil G

    Lovely piece, beautifully written. Panic thing is odd. We get flash flooding here from time to time. All the old hands look at the sky and say yay or nay according to their wise eyes when the clouds start to build. The newbies however hit the panic button and buy out the supermarket for what turns out to be scattered showers. Have to relearn the signs. Well done.

    1. Sylva FaeSylva Fae Post author

      Thanks for the comment! For a nation preoccupied with talking about the weather, you’d think we would know how to deal with it.

  2. AvatarLesley

    A beautiful evocative post. And I have a garden fairy, just like yours! You paint such magical pictures with your (metaphoric) pen, Sylva. I can just feel the heat of that fire and taste the stew! And the tip of my nose has gone red just reading about all that snow!

    1. Sylva FaeSylva Fae Post author

      The diva was very particular about ‘her’ snow fairy despite the fact she made me do most of the work. My fingers haven’t recovered yet!

  3. AvatarCrystal R. Cook

    I loved the pictures . . . I grew up in Alaska and somehow ended up in California, I sometimes miss the beautiful winter wonderland part. If you do indeed make a snow fairy, I hope there will be photos 🙂

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