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22410510 The Experiencers
I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this but Val Tobin had been recommended to me by several people who couldn’t praise her writing enough. I am so glad they did, this was an exhilarating read. The genre ‘new age sci fi thriller’ doesn’t quite do it justice as it covers so much more. This book satisfies the reader on so many levels. The UFOs and aliens were very believable and though we see them rarely, their presence and the impact on the characters is a source of tension that continues throughout the book. The action scenes are incredibly well written causing my heart to race on a number of occasions. There were no holds barred when it came to the violent scenes but they were all crucial to defining the characters of Michael and his partner Torque. They both made fabulous characters but my favourite was Carolyn. Carolyn is a psychic medium and her experiences throughout the story were fascinating. The paranormal sequences were smoothly interwoven with the real life action and gave depth and understanding to her character.

Val Tobin has a writing style that is complex and well researched, yet effortless to read. The pace increases as the plot develops, building tension through dialogue and clear imagery. This is a book that kept me intrigued right to the last page. It answers just enough questions while leaving the reader something to think about. There was only one thing I could do when I finished reading, download and start the sequel, A Ring of Truth.

24950663A Ring of Truth
This is book two of the Valiant Chronicles. I was so involved in the story after reading The Experiencers that I downloaded and started reading A Ring of Truth immediately. There is just enough recap woven into the first chapters to serve as a reminder without rehashing the first book but it’s definitely worth reading both in order. The story picks up from where the first book finished and alternates between the stories of the main characters. This approach kept the tension and intrigue building. The pace builds as secrets are revealed, and adds new depth to the characters as they each face adverse and harrowing situations. There are no obvious goodies and baddies, each is complex and their motives believable. How each person learns from their experiences and their consequent actions, defines their role within the plot. This is a clever and intricate story and written in a style that transports the reader directly into the action. As with The Experiencers, the story ends in a satisfying way while leaving plenty for the reader to think about. I’ve already downloaded my next Val Tobin book.


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