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Review of ‘Grammar for Parents & Teachers’ by Millie Slavidou

For any parent who has struggled to help a child with their homework, this book is a must. I was going through the usual headache with my eight year old daughter, failing to explain prepositions in a manner she could understand, when the link for this book popped up. I downloaded it immediately and our homework nightmare was resolved. I like the format and layout of each subject. It is clear and easy to follow with just enough information on each area of grammar without overloading the page. The colour coding and relevant examples make it simple to grasp and explain to a child.

I’ve always thought my grammar was reasonably OK but it’s amazing how much you forget if you’re not using it regularly. I continued on to read the rest of the book and found it a fascinating recap of subjects I’d not studied since my college days. While it’s written in a style to support children with their studies, it also works very well as a reference book and would be a useful resource for any adult returning to education.

12140855_244904515848965_310483503609286901_oGrammar for Parents & Teachers is available from Jump! Books.

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