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Review of ‘Infinity: An Anonymous Biography’ by Nico Laeser

25479505It’s not often a book moves me so much that I struggle to write a review. Such is the quality of the writing that I feel I have just lived the life of the character, twenty years condensed into two days reading. I’m left simultaneously awestruck and uplifted from the experience, yet I feel enriched for having read it. I have now read all of Nico Laeser’s books and I admire his ability to weave a story that pulls the reader in so deeply you feel the emotion of every scene. From the very first line my heart went out to the young boy wanting to comfort him. As the novel progressed my bond with the character grew and I longed to step in and rescue him from a life of violence and give him the love he deserved. I felt his fear, his suffering yet I could do nothing but follow him on his epic journey of self discovery.

This is a novel that can be read on many levels and enjoyed many times over. The underlying tale is tragic and harrowing to read in places, yet it is so mesmerising and beautifully written, it soothes the reader onto the next chapter effortlessly. So many times I stopped reading just to savour the words or reread beautiful passages. Despite the harsh lifestyle and hopeless situations the character found himself in, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of hope and longing for his happiness. Around halfway through the book I fell in love with the character and was desperate to see if he finally got his happy ending. It was only when I read the very end of the book that its many layers came together and I truly understood its meaning. The ending is poignant and true to the character; the completion of a masterpiece. This is a book that will stay with me and is one that I felt compelled to read again with a fresh perspective and deeper insights. I know I will not be able to read anything else while the memories of this linger in my mind. I loved this beautiful and captivating story and look forward to reading all of Nico Laeser’s future books.

In a recent interview with author Lesley Hayes, Nico revealed the ideal piece of music to go with Infinity: An Anonymous Biography was either Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight Sonata’, or ‘Dazed and Abused’ by Seether.


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9 thoughts on “Review of ‘Infinity: An Anonymous Biography’ by Nico Laeser

  1. AvatarSharon Brownlie

    Your words have captured the very essence of the book. It’s a great review and yes, it’s a story that stays with you long after you have turned the last page.


    What a great review. I definitely want to read Infinity now, and I will as soon as I’ve read several others on my list.

  3. AvatarTom

    An excellent review Sylva and, a wonderful endorsement of the author. This review is written from the heart and it’s great to see how any reader can be affected by a story.
    I’ve only read one of Nico’s tales so far but this one is on my TBR and, I’m looking forward to it even more now.

  4. AvatarIan D Moore

    This book, Infinity, remains my top read of all time so far, and I’ve read a fair few. Nico’s style caught me from the first few lines and it just got better and better. Fabulous, evocative review, Sylva that has done the book, and the writer, proud.

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