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Review of ‘Seer of Souls’ by Susan Faw

12735610_10153228334540810_509660376_nThis story has all the magical ingredients of a perfect fantasy novel but it is far more than just that. The characters are very much grounded in real world values and emotions and the fantasy elements only serve to enhance their believability. I was instantly drawn into their world and loved all of the characters (good and bad). I felt the fast pace of constant action and adventure was the perfect contrast to the slow development of the main character Cayden, from lowly farm boy to a leader of men. The supporting characters were equally well drawn and their motivations believable. I particularly liked Avery and hope to learn more of her story in future books. Susan Faw’s writing style flows beautifully with just enough description to allow the reader to visualise the settings. I felt like I’d been transported into the kingdom of Cathair and journeyed alongside Cayden and his men. The myths and prophecies interwoven with the action scenes also made for a fascinating and intriguing read. Having just finished Seer of Souls, I am now lingering in a state of mourning for this land and its people. I long to know what happens next and my only consolation is that it is book one of a series. I await (not so patiently) for book two to be completed.


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2 thoughts on “Review of ‘Seer of Souls’ by Susan Faw

  1. AvatarIan D Moore

    A super review that edges me closer to reading this tale. It is on my kindle and I’ve also requested a copy for my signed library . Much thanks for the insight, Sylva.

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