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Review of the Beyond Series by Renea Taylor

41tYohHxnrLBeyond Right Or Wrong – Beyond Series Book 1

This is listed as an adult romance and there are definitely some steamy parts to satisfy lovers of this genre. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was so much more than a romance. As the two main characters are FBI field agents, you also get murder, mystery, suspense and intrigue for your money. As for the romance, the tension is built and sustained throughout by the unfortunate moral position Clint and Andrea find themselves in. There are no holds barred when it comes to describing the passion and lust they have for one another making it a raw and raunchy read in places. Renea Taylor tackles the controversial subject of having an affair in this first novel. While some readers may disagree with this idea, don’t let it put you off reading, the characters’ emotional turmoil as they struggle with morals versus passion, only heightens the sexual tension between them. There were a few moments where I questioned Clint’s actions and I felt sorry for his wife; she was after all the wronged party. Despite this, Renea Taylor does a good job of making the wife an unlikable character. I would have liked more back story on their marriage so that I sympathised with Clint and understood his motivations. I was also drawn to the other characters in the book, in particular Penny, and I was really pleased to find out the second book in the series is Penny’s story. This is a great first novel and I look forward to reading more by Renea Taylor.

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Beyond Limits – Beyond Series Book 2

I read the first book in the series and enjoyed Penny’s character so I was really pleased to find out book two was her story. It isn’t necessary to read the books in order but it definitely adds to the story if you do. I liked that it followed the same timeline as the first story and this added more depth to the characters. I enjoyed this book even more than the first one, I found the writing style more refined and the characters better developed. This book carries the same mixture of suspense, intrigue and extremely raunchy scenes as the first book; don’t be mistaken that this is just an adult romance novel. The romance is as stormy and steamy as the dialogue between Penny and Mark, but there is a substantial story to build the tension between the characters in between the moments of passion. I enjoyed the childhood flashbacks that fleshed out the characters and gave background to Mark and Penny’s tempestuous relationship. I look forward to reading more by Renea Taylor.

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