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‘Storm Lake’ by Val Tobin

23943770This book proves yet again, what a skilled writer Val Tobin is. As a parent I was instantly drawn into the story, laughing at the interaction between the brother and sister. It reminded me of many road trips stuck in the back of the car with my own little brother. The weekend promises to be an idyllic getaway but mysterious events soon change it from a welcome break, to a fight for survival. The story starts off quite calmly but as soon as the plot switches to horror, the pace picks up and speeds towards the unexpected ending. Even though this is a short story, it feels like a full novel condensed into a few pages. I found the ending quite refreshing and it left just enough for the reader to think about. I could easily see this as the first book of a series as there is a lot of scope to develop the plot further.


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4 thoughts on “‘Storm Lake’ by Val Tobin

  1. AvatarTom

    A great review which highlights a couple of the ideas I found when I read it a few months ago. It does give the feel of something bigger, and creates the open-ended option of more.
    The pace is certainly noteable as you’ve said, like a warm-up for a runner before giving it their all.
    Neat feedback.

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