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Mayhem at the Fairy Glen

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Woodland Rambles
On a woodland ramble through RSPB Coombes Valley Nature Reserve my little girls found a fairy door on an old log. We collected moss, pebbles and sticks and made the woodland fairies a garden, complete with flower bed, paths and a pebble sculpture. We then continued on our ramble and left it for the fairies to find.

Weeks later we returned to find a whole fairy village had sprung up in the woods. My girls tiptoed round, peeping in the little windows; they were sure they could see the fairies hiding inside. The local fairies obviously consider Coombes a very desirable place to live and who can blame them?

Mayhem at the Fairy Glen

‘The children are coming!’
Lookout bunny raced in fast
Feet pounding hard
As she sped through the grass.

Shouting through the trees
To the glen up ahead
‘Fairies, elves and pixies,
Go hide in your beds!’

‘The children are close now,
I hear them through the trees.
Back to your houses
Run quickly please!’


Voices getting louder,
Footsteps getting near.
Leaves swishing, twigs cracking
Fairies run in fear.

Up the rope ladder
Elves race to their house
Peering through the windows
Quiet as a mouse.

Fairy folk young and old
Zoom in from all around
And fly into their houses
Safe from being found.


But the cheeky little pixies
Don’t want to go inside
Peeping from the treetops
They watch from where they hide

The children find the fairy glen
Tiptoe round with glee
Kneeling at the windows
To see what they can see.

They gently stroke the mossy roofs
And push the little swing
Tap on the wooden doors
Walk around the fairy ring.


The elves peep down from above
Surprised at what they see
These children are respectful
Not loud and naughty

The children sort through pockets
For some gifts to leave behind
An acorn and a pebble
For the fairy folk to find.

They leave them on the doorstep
Then quietly walk away
As the pixies in the treetops
Jump down to run and play.


The littlest child turns back to look
As the pixies get too brave
She smiles and as she turns to go
She gives a little wave.

Lookout bunny gives the sign
It’s safe to come out again
Fairies, elves and pixies
Return to the Fairy glen.



3 thoughts on “Mayhem at the Fairy Glen

    1. Sylva FaeSylva Fae Post author

      It’s such an easy activity to do with children. I bet S would love a pixie village at the bottom of the garden.

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