Sylva Fae

Mud Stomping!




Three little sisters went racing through the wood.
Two and Three were rascals, but One was good.
Number One walked so nicely on the path,
Numbers Two and Three were having a laugh.

Giggling and wriggling, bounce and jump,
Two went flying, landed with a bump.
Three tumbled over her. What a muddle!
Two rolled into a muddy puddle.

One looked over and said with a frown,
“If you walk nicely, you won’t tumble down.”
Two stood up all wet and muddy,
Three jumped in to join her buddy.


Splashing and stomping all about,
One stepped in to pull them out.
One tripped over a piece of wood,
And landed splosh right in the mud.

Now Three and Two were muddy and mucky,
But poor old One was not so lucky.
Wet and dirty, soaked right through,
The smile on One’s face grew and grew.

“Why walk nicely down the path,
When jumping in puddles is such a laugh?”
Three little sisters raced back through the wood.
All three were rascals, covered in mud.


Original artwork by Christine Southworth @bearprintstudio


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