Sylva Fae

That Four Year Old!

There’s glitter in my coffee
And chalk prints on the wall.
There’s Moonsand on the table
And Lego in the hall!

The books are overflowing
From the shelf down to the floor
And tiny glittered footprints
Escaping through the door.

There are hand prints on the window
In something green and icky!
I’d like to sit and rest
But my sofa’s rather sticky.

An upturned drink flows to the floor
And mixes with the sand.
I escape out to the garden
My brew and book in hand.

My house is in a mess
While the culprit runs wild
But a house can be cleaned
And I’ve a happy, mucky child.



7 thoughts on “That Four Year Old!

  1. AvatarChristine

    That’s Sienna,today I caught her with a pair is scissors cutting off Pinochios head to remove the bit of plastic that he came wrapped in,phwuu !poor Pinochios,and he hadn’t even told a lie.xx

    1. Sylva FaeSylva Fae Post author

      Pinocchio survived the beheading incident but he’s a little tied up now – the puppet equivalent of Twister! At least he was the right colour.

    1. Sylva FaeSylva Fae Post author

      It’s good fun! Sienna reminds me so much of myself at the same age; creative, clumsy and incredibly messy!

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